W463 300GE Gearbox Mount

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Hello All, Can anyone tell me the OEM PART number for the gearbox mount on my W463 300GE Automatic SWB please? Also other than going to Merc for a genuine part is there a Lemforder after market part available? Thanks
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Re: W463 300GE Gearbox Mount

As far as I am aware engine and, or gearbox mounts are dealer parts only.

If the dealer won't give you the number, that's another matter otherwise this should be available to you. To get the number or any part your chassis number will be required. 

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Re: W463 300GE Gearbox Mount


Dont know about gearbox mounts but there are engine mounts that fit

Ask Gordon what they are im sure he will help. I have seen them but cant recall the seller

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Re: W463 300GE Gearbox Mount

You mean the mount that is bolted to the cross member? This I think is a 460 part, or was on my manual, think genuine is only option,about £60? Though what is wrong with yours ? Replaced mine, don't think it helped anything , Metal bush in middle has play in it from new