July 14th Summer Drive Report


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Re: July 14th Summer Drive

A big Thank you to Kevin for orgarnising this event and see a fair outcome, Thank you to those who attended.

Wish the club had a photo and film crew to record and latter publicise such events. Any takers? Bring it on for the AGM.

Hope Kevin you could do short write up also for also the benefit of those who will be getting this news on the News letter.



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Re: July 14th Summer Drive

Kind words. Thanks Rakesh.

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Re: July 14th Summer Drive

Had a great day out.." Well Done " to Kevin for organising it and the other three Gs for making the effort.

Glad I was at the front-due to dust-not a feature we've seen a lot of in Wales lately...good job Kevin is minted as he has to buy a new Vax/ Dyson  every time we go out laning..