Diesel Merc Guru with youtube films

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Hi all

Bearing in mind that we have the best technical advice via our members, and that the guy (Kent Bergsma) in this link, whilst genuine, is still trying to sell stuff, I do however think his site gives a great opportunity to add to your investigations and guide any DIY attempts at sorting problems.

It's US based which might stop you from buying his repair kits anyway :-)

So the site is mercedessource.com and his particular thing is diesel mercs from 1962 to 1995 so he has a reasonable amount on the venerable 617 and 617a engines.

Its a good supplement to the guys on here who generously give advice, and you get youtube vids of most things. And he looks like a genuine and very knowledgeable Diesel Merc fan!



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Re: Diesel Merc Guru with youtube films

I agree with Simon, the chap is good and so are his instructions.  Where he is a let down, for me, is if you try and contact him, his usual response is, to try and find an answer on his videos, because they have so many enquiries, they are unable to answer you query.

As helpful he is on video, he is a stern business man, he wants you to buy his videos.

But I do not discourage any one to take instruction from him, he is good.