New in the forum - Hi all

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Hi I'm Paolo

really interested to buy a G I always had Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol.

Looking to understand best G to buy to use in and off road. I'm Italian and I'll go back in Italy at a certain point in time so looking for a LHD.

Thanks all for your help.

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Re: New in the forum - Hi all

Hello and Welcome Paolo,

It largely depends on how long you are here for. 

L.H.D in the UK are possible but as you have mentioned that you are from Italy; it has sevier emission related taxation. Particular for the Italian market there were 200GE's about, none of which I have personally driven or tried out.

Budget is your next consideration.

The older W460's would have body and, or rear suspension mounting issues and some of these same could apply to the latter W463 types. The very latest W463 would be good and improve tremendously on power and performance that the price maybe too high, they are certainly too deep for my own pocket.

I am been beckoned that I am running out of broadband time; I will follow up on this topic another time next week now when I get a chance for more time. Sorry.