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Panzer Pete
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... and might buy a G.

Only really been looking for a couple of weeks and my wife and I are very keen to avoid diving into an(other) old car money pit crying  so it may take a while.

A SWB G might suit us and I'm more disposed towards that than anything much newer &/or anything of a similar age from Japan or Solihull. Apart from anything else, this would be our third old Merc (!) and we don't have any Toyotas or Nissans.

I hope a SWB does suit us because I'm not at all keen on the look of the LWB G. I'll have to see them up close and personal before refining our choice.

Anyway, nothing ventured ... wish us luck smiley


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Re: Just joined the forum ...

prices are very variable with lots of speculative pricing in my opinion, see as many as you can and buy on condition only, avoid the time of dubious MB quality where you can, approx 1994-2002, or roughly the years when the cars were unreliable rust buckets