How many MERCEDES W460 AXLE LOCK nuts?

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I am preparing to have a shop replace my front and rear wheel bearings on a 1982 W460 280GE (axle numbers 730300 0 018649 front  and  741502 0 518217 rear). As I am in New Zealand, I need to ensure I have all parts and specialised tools before taking it to the shop which will be a truck repair shop as finding an indy G wagon shop in Auckland seems to be impossible. The car MB specialist shops decline the job, saying its nasty.

It appears I need four bearing nuts for the front both sides A460 990 02 60. But I am unclear if the rear bearings also need bearing nuts. If so, how many, and are they the same?

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Re: How many MERCEDES W460 AXLE LOCK nuts?

sorry slightly puzzled by your term " nuts",  

Wheel bearing been covered  here in plenty of previous threads, all bearings available independently from a bearing  shop and most oil seals too tho obviously your garage will have to order them in.  To dismantle front wheel bearings you need a specific socket, about £30/40 from MB, tho i apparently you can use an angle grinder on a normal socket to butcher it to fit. Rear wheel bearings also a need a special spanner to remove the retaining nut, tho you might be able to  use a chisel at the risk of damaged  nuts. Will try to post a picture later of the spanner.

Are your swivel bearings ok? The covers x4  and the wiper seal x2 are only available from MB, not particularly expensive. 

If the garage used to Patrols/ Toyota axles etc, dont see much problem 

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Re: How many MERCEDES W460 AXLE LOCK nuts?

Picture of MB and home made (courtesy of Gav) tool, for the front bearings I used FAG heavy duty bearing kit 713 6673 90 not too sure about rear, good luck!!