Hello just bought a 300GES

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Hi all,

I've posted in a couple of other forums but I thought I might say hello here too. Here is my 300GES, purchased last week:

It seems very well maintained and I doubt it has ever been off-road. Although the interior needs a bit of love it drives 100% and comes with a wad of service history, including invoices for a top end rebuild and new cooling system last year.

I will be using the truck for my new classics business, it will be performing towing duties amongst other things.

So far I am working through a few bits and pieces, including a full service. This weekend I've:

* Done an oil and filters service

* Brake fluid change

* Replaced the non-working stereo with one I had on the shelf. 

* Got the wiper washes working - the pump needed a clean up on the connectors and the rear screen nozzle for some reason had been re-attached to give the rear wing a wash, not the window.

* Investigated the sunroof fault, but not got very far.


Other bits required over the next week or so:

* Diff oils - I didn't have the correct 14mm socket for the drain plugs so waiting on that from amazon

* Grease points but can't find the nipples on the prop

* Front axle joints - check oil/grease - not sure if these are oil filled like a landie or grease. 

* Sort out the headlight washers - no power at the pump or at the fuse (number 18?) but the dash lights dim when engaging the switch so some power is being drawn somewhere - perhaps I have the wrong fuse?

* Needs a sidelight bulb :-)


At some point I'll change the oil in the auto box, but it was done 15k ago so not overly concerned about that yet.



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Re: Hello just bought a 300GES

Looks very smart,you can perhaps add lubricate door hinges to list, these do wear.

Do you not have original tool kit with car? This should have the 14mm Allen key.

Front axle is grease, unsure of purpose as cv joints have rubber boots anyway, you will be lucky to get much grease in there .

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Re: Hello just bought a 300GES

Damn - didn't think to check the toolkit! Yes it has the original.

Thanks for the tip on the hinges...