Crack In Gearbox Case

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Les Constant
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Hi   I am part way through a auto gearbox overhaul

There are a number of cracks where the transmission fluid pipe bolts onto the large gearbox case.

Does anyone have a good gearbox case to suit my 1993 GEL 300

My G Wagon is stuck high up on a ramp in a garage and is going no where

Can any body help

Part Number is 722397 or maybe a 7223 may be suitable 

Can you advise    Regards from Les

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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

Hi Les

I could tig it up for you and i am sure it would be fine

Is it just around that one fitting. I have enlarged pic but cant quite see

A good welder should be able to do a proper job. Did it leak or have you just noticed cracks????

A few i have seen have casting mark cracks which is normal. The best way is to check inside but i suppose you already have done


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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

Have you sort this out yet ?

It can be weld up easily...



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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

I have a good 463 gearbox and torque converter, done only 50K removed for a gearbox and engine conversion

Regards Gordon

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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

Very difficult to see where the cracks are from your pictures. Best way to check for cracks and be sure  is to use dye-penetrant. It comes in 3 aerosol canisters Can 1 : cleaning the area to be checked, Can 2: dye-penetrant, Can 3: developer. This will reveal if it is a crack or casting irregularity that looks like a crack. As mentioned by other contributors, a good welding shop should be able to deal with these cracks. The important thing is to ensure that the welding to be used   is compatible with the material of the casing, and the welding sequence and cooling down  will not cause any distortion on the casing.