Value of my G conversion. Opinions please

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GWags, I'm back after a long time away from everything.....What did I miss?

I'm looking for opinions on what my G would be worth.

I may or may not sell/upgrade etc. but would like an idea how much I should ask on the open market. For those that don't know  its' a metallic dark green 1995 G350TD LHD. Now converted to 300TD 606 turbo with mechanical pump. Merecdes intercooler bumper and intercooler fitted. 2002 style oval foglamps fitted. New Oil cooler, radiator, headtank, hoses some paintwork. Currently fitting 5 speed 722.6 auto gearbox system, new cooler. It's on 18 inch Mercedes wheels. I've used Merc parts and modelled it very closely on a LHD G300TD w463. Goes very nice and does 23-26 mpg. The engine has 65,000 miles on it. The gearbox is fully rebuilt with new convertor. New brakes, Koni raid shocks all round, Yokohama tyres. grey cloth interior.