OM617 na rebuilt - now no start!

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I have rebuilt this motor with new liners and pistons etc, but have burnt out the starter motor trying to get the engine to run...

It has never sounded like firing. It did 'run' for a second at a time when given a spray of 'Start ya Bastard' (what it says on the can).

So far I have established that

  • the glow plugs are glowing.
  • there is compression (compression tester)
  • the injectors work adequately (diesel mechanic)
  • fuel is reaching the injectors
  • the drip-timing method on pump output 1 yeilds only a steady stream (not a drop per second) when the crank is turned to 24deg BTDC.

Which leads me to think the timing may be way out.

The relationship between crank, timing element on inj pump, and camshaft is what I am checking now. So far I have the notches lined up on the camshaft sprocket, with the cyl 1 cam lobes pointing upwards-ish, when the crank on 0deg position. This seems logical to me, I assume this is correct otherwise the motor would not have run at all...

I am not understanding what my manuals say for installing the big cylindrical timing element/inj pump drive. I am not sure what to look for when I remove the inj pump this weekend.

Can anybody shed any light on this please? How can I establish if the pump is installed correctly?